A worldwide awareness campaign for consumer groups, mental health workers and NGO's took place in 2010. This campaign was regarding the vital information contained in the World Health Organization (WHO) report, "Mental Health and Development: Targeting people with Mental Health Conditions as a Vulnerable group". This landmark report was launched at UN Headquarters in New York on September 16, 2010. At this time, we established a Mental Health Worldwide group and members were from Chile, Nepal, Brazil, India, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Australia, Ireland and Canada. Our campaign included local and international press releases.  Some groups delivered copies of the WHO report to their relevant ministries of government - not only to the ministry of Health but also Education, Employment and Housing. We are working together so that national groups may have a stronger voice internationally. Mental health continues to be the most under supported and under recognized health issue even though it affects each one of us. Persons with mental health conditions constitue a marginalized group that has largely been ignored. We will continue international mental health awareness and advocacy. Our mandate will include strengthening mental health civil society. Our group supports the latest UN Convention - The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The CRPD states that all persons with disabilities have the right to be treated equally in all aspects of life including education, employment and the right to live in the community. These rights are currently not realized by those with mental health conditions and all mental health resources, policies and laws need to incorporate a human rights framework.  Mental Health Worldwide has now moved to support the Movement for Global Mental Health. Please join us there and join us in strengthening the mental health voice worldwide!