Key meetings, conferences and tours:


UN Headquarters, New York. Representing Mental Health Worldwide attended high level meetings that took place during the 68th UN General Assembly, Sept 2013. Attended the UN-NGLS EOSG Event, High Level Meeting on Disability and Development - DESA, the MDG Meeting and Special Event by President of the General Assembly, and the OHCHR/Austria High Level Event.


Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship, UBC; Vancouver, Canada; Apr 29-May 1, 2011; "In From the Margins: New Foundations for Personhood and Legal Capacity in the 21st Century".


Centre for Disability Law & Policy; National University of Ireland; Jun 6-13, 2011; International Summer School, Galway & Harvard Project on Disability. “The UN CRPD-From Paper Rules to Action”.


Centre for Disability Law and Policy; Galway, Ireland. April 26-27 2010; Global PhD & Researchers Colloquium on Disability Law and Policy.


Harvard Law School; Harvard, Cambridge; Feb 19-21, 2010; Legal Capacity Conference; UN CRPD Article 12;


Campinas, Brazil; Mar, 2010;  Toured  Serviço de Saúde Cândido Ferreira/Cândido Ferreira Health Service, Centro de Atenção Psicossocial/Psychosocial Care Center and Centro de Conviv and Centro de Convivência/Wellbeing Community Center.


Pune, India; Oct, 2008; Toured psychiatric ward, Sasson General Hospital and toured with members of the Ekalayva self-help group at the Schizophrenia Awareness Organization Centre.


NOTE: If you would like more information about the International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights Legislation, please visit their website at


Linda is now an International Diplomate in Mental Health Law and Human Rights Legislation. Linda and her Diploma classmates are extremely dedicated individuals and equally passionate about promoting mental health for all persons and equality for persons with mental health disabilities. Linda's classmates described incredibly harsh conditions and human right abuses of persons with mental health disabilities. We will be working together to change this world drop by drop. "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop" Mother Teresa.

The International Diploma brings together individuals from all over the world and working in all aspects of mental health and human rights work. Linda's classmates included mental health consumers, family members, NGO workers, mental health commission workers, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and program directors from around the world.  

Donated copies of "Shoulder Buddies" and "From the Inside Out" have now been received all over the world thanks to the help of Linda's Diploma classmates.

These are some of the comments on the books

Hello Linda lee .

This is sandhya vartak from Pune, India. we, I and my nineteen year old daughter have enjoyed your book and have introduced your book to our neighbors daughter. She is one and a half year old little girl named Vedha ,may be your youngest reader. In our country from our childhood we start seeing ourselves from how others around us see us, evaluate us, praise us, criticize us, etc. Self evaluation and self praise, telling oneself that I have done well, I am good is absent. And hence self esteem with many of us is very low. You and your son have done a very good job for all your readers. Thanks for sending us the books. with love and regards,

 sandhya and kalyani.


Dear Ms. Linda Lee,

I have enjoyed your books on shoulder buddies . MY immediate impression was why I could not get this book in my childhood. My wife and daughter also enjoyed it and she will write to you about it soon. Anil (India).


Dear Lind lee,

Many many thank for sending  the self Esteem Book for kids.  


Dr. Alia Ibrahim Zai


National Mental Health Directorate

Ministry of Public Health

Kabul, Afghanistan


Dear Linda.

It is my prayer that you are in good health.

I would like to thank you very much for the books and would like to let you know that they have been recived with great interest. We will look through it and seek further advice from you.

Peter (South Pacific Islands)


Past Events


Linda completes her International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights Legislation with Distinction. She travelled to Pune, India in October to reunite with her classmates from around the world and to receive her diploma. The Diploma is given by Mr. Anand Grover, Special Rapporteur, Human Rights Council, United Nations. The program focused on the latest UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

The Canadian Women for Afghanistan Women take donated copies of "Shoulder Buddies" and "From the Inside Out" to their libraries in Afghanistan.

Linda presents "Raising Sons" at the Women's Health Resources Centre.


Linda travels to Pune, India, to begin International Diploma Program in Mental Health Law and Human Rights. This program takes places at the Indian Law College in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

Linda presents “Empowering Our Children” – Women’s Health Resources Centre

Shoulder Buddies; Second Edition arrives


Linda presents “Empowering Our Children” – Women’s Health Resources Centre

"From the Inside Out" receives Silver Medal in the category "Most Inspirational for Youth" by the Independent Publisher's Awards

"Shoulder Buddies" and "From the Inside Out" are involved in a Whole School Mental Health Project. A local school buys copies of "From the Inside Out" for every student in their school from grades 2-6 to use as a personal journal. Linda presents to the teachers and the parents on the topic of building healthy Self-Esteem in children.

Interview in Apple Magazine “Raising Happy Kids” (March/April issue)

Linda presents “Stressed or Depressed” LifeSpeak Workshop


SECOND EDITION is delivered!
The Second Edition of “From the Inside Out” is finalized, printed and delivered. The second edition is improved and expanded to include activities and exercises throughout the text and additional exercises and journaling pages are included at the back of the book.

“Shoulder Buddies” is delivered to an orphanage near Mt. Kenya and to a school in Samburu, KENYA, Africa

“Taming the Internal Shrew: A theoretical discussion On Self-Esteem” Presentation by Linda Lee for LifeSpeak Workshops

Signing at Signal Hill Indigo Books

Calgary Herald Article by Joanne Good
“Self Esteem is an Inside Job”

Signing at Chapters in Chinook Centre

Breakfast Television Show – City TV

Signing and Reading at McNally Robinson


Book Launch at Self-Connection Books

The Power of Self group is going International and includes PhD Research.

Linda will be working with her Diploma classmates from Zambia, South Pacific Islands, Jamaica and Afghanistan to develop the materials from the Power of Self group so that the materials are appropriate and effective for consumers around the world. Part of this work will include Linda's PhD research in Disability Law. Linda will be working with her classmate Sylvester Katontoka, President of Mental Health Users Network Of Zambia. This research encompasses the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) where mental health worker and persons with mental health disabilities will be working together to develop mental health programs.


 Linda and Diploma classmates Veena (India), Dorcas (Zimbabwe); Pune, India 2009

Classmate Sylvester (Zambia); Pune, India 2009

International Diploma is given by Mr. Anand Grover, Special Rapporteur, Human Rights Council, United Nations; October, 2009; Pune, India

Adriana (Brazil) and I, India 2008

India 2009


 Brazil: Artists & occupational therapist at their store; 2010

Brazil: Mozaic Artists; 2010

Brazil: Beautiful Mozaic work; 2010

Brazil: Adriano and I with the candle artists; 2010

Brazil: Wellness Centre; Flavia (far right), our hostess, with program directors














 Kenya: Classroom; 2006

Kenya Book

 Kenya: Shoulder Buddies donated to orphanage; 2006



Book Launch; Self Connection Books; 2005